I have always enjoyed making friends. Over the year I've amassed a wealth of friendship.

HG.jpg (23899 bytes) HomoGenius group was formed somewhere in 1994 at Warnanagar. These twelve guys can do any and every thing for/with each other. With the gang I can be myself without any mask

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Myself and Aparna. This snap was taken by Satya during my farewell party at Monis restaurant in Thane. Infact that was my second last day before leaving for US for the first time (13MAY2000). Aparna is a very nice, intelligent and down to earth girl (though, bit grumpy at times :). Progress of our relationship Boss -> Colleague -> Friends has been amazing! RajuAparna.jpg (30664 bytes)


These are my buddies from 'The Wonder Years'. Basically we studied in the same school and the same class for almost ten years, making those bonds strong and tight.
TP @ TIL. Tata Infotech was like few more years of college for me. The Pay was bad, the facilities were worse (especially @ MIDC). No complaints though because of all the buddies you can see in this snap! Thanks to this job at TIL (Tata Infotech) I got gem of friends like Satya, Ragini, Bharathi, Rajesh, Aarti, Aparna and many more. til.jpg (36197 bytes)
campers.jpg (36197 bytes) Happy Campers. A nice group of people with whome I have lot of good time in California. Our group mainly consists of Chitko, Kashikar, Pendharkar and Khadilkar families and of course my roomie Hrishi Dalvi.

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