VENGURLE Town :: A Heaven On Earth

Gifted with natural beauty and mesmerizing beaches, this tiny little town located in Konkan coast of Maharashtra (India) should be nothing short of the heaven it self. This town has been blessed with rich culture and heritage. The town is surrounded by semicircular range of hills with a lush green folliage (mainly cashew, mango, coconut plantations interspersed with all kinds of berry trees). To the north there is Dabholi hill, to the south there is Mochemad hill, east is encompassed by Tulas hill, while to the west it's the deep blue Arebian Sea all the way till horizon. The view of the town acquires different shade of beauty from every different angel one views it.

Here are some cool snaps from the place.

pieratvengurlaThumb.jpg (2896 bytes)

Fisherman's Warf at Vengurle port. A very good angling spot, it can be also an excellent scenic spot otherwise.

boatrepairshedsThumb.jpg (5825 bytes)

Small shelters near beach where fishing boats can be repaired


viewfromroomarambolThumb.jpg (5345 bytes)

What a view of the Harambhol beach

fishingboatThumb.jpg (3820 bytes)

Traditional fishing Boat resting on a beach

smallcreekarambolThumb.jpg (9134 bytes)

A small creek running towards see.

viewfromroomarambolzoomedThumb.jpg (6010 bytes)

Zoomed view of the Harambhol beach


Stay tuned, more images to follow soon!!