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Hi! I am Rajesh. Basically I'm a electronics engineer, graduated from a beautiful place called Warananagar, nested in the south of the state of Maharashtra in western India. Enjoy Motor racing, reading, running, snorkelling and most of the outdoor activities. Love making new friends (so get in touch). I'm proud head banger. Visit my favorite bands 
With their scorching ballads and kick ass rockers, they can Rock you Like a Hurricane

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One of the most influential bands in the history of rock music. Their pchycadelic style, coupled with the great music and poetry has made them LEGENDS!
seal.gif (4798 bytes) I was born and brought up in the beutiful city of Thane. Ethnically, I'm a Hindu coming from the Great Maratha family. My family roots can be traced to the beautiful costal town of Vengurle (Maharashtra, India)
RAJ and VRUSHALI :: Made for Each Other
Vrushali is the princess in my dreams. I've been meeting her in dream land for god knows how long. In real life though, I met her for the first time through email on 28 SEP 2002 and since then it's a greaaaat love story in making.
Thane.jpg (24667 bytes) Here is my home town (Evening in Thane)... After years of stilthy growth under MUMBAI's shadow, Thane has finally claimed it's stake as one of the coolest places in India. Ofcourse Thane is not a competition for the megametropolis, it acts as a residential heaven for all the Mumbai's work force. The lake glistening in this snap is called 'TALAOPALI'. Just hanging around the place gurantees you some real quality time.
Right now, I'm based in California working as a software consultant. I belive San Francisco is very unique and beautifil cities in the world. Here it looks nothing short of heaven.
Here is one more different mood. Due to the mixing of warm currents from the Pacific ocean and dead cold water at Alcatraz islands, mist is always in and around this area. I feel it adds to the mystic charm in the air.
As seen in this pic, SF downtown skyline is as cool as any other metro in US.
Golden gate bridge is the most famous landmark in California. It could be very romantic at times. It perfectly justifies SF's image as the 'City of Love'! In late 60s the flower power (some people call it a Hippy movement) bloomed in this city. The message was 'Make Luv, Not War' and you can still smell it in the air!

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